Quotes on Volunteerism

Quotes on Volunteerism

Volunteers might not make sweeping and sudden changes, but they make lasting changes bit by bit, one life at a time. It's those little changes added up together that influence generations upon generations.

An Uncommon Courage

A volunteer uses an uncommon kind of courage: it's the kind of courage that's willing to forego notability, sacrifice selflessly, and get personally invested in the lives of people.

Giving Your Time and Talent

Anyone can write a check but it takes a special unselfishness to get your hands dirty, go where no one else wants to, and give of your time and talent.

Return on Investment

Volunteering has an excellent return on investment: you receive so much more than you could ever give.

Mover and Shaker

If you want to be a mover and shaker; really change the world, volunteer.

Someone Else

If you see a need, don't wait around for someone else to make the difference. Be the someone else.

Indelible Love

Volunteers leave marks of indelible love and compassion on all they serve.

True Heroism

A volunteer is a hero whose strength is in compassion, empathy, and humility. This hero isn't satisfied with notoriety, appreciation or even seeing the seeds they sowed sprout new life. Rather, this hero volunteers simply to help others

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Quotes on Volunteerism