Ways Kids Can Volunteer

Many Ways Kids Can Volunteer


There are many ways kids can volunteer their time and talents. Doing so is a terrific way for youngsters to gain skills and learn the importance of helping those in need of assistance without expecting anything in return.

Spruce Up a Building


Teens can volunteer to participate in charitable home or building improvement projects. Youth groups often provide assistance to their sponsoring organizations or to Habitat for Humanity committees.

Political Campaign Volunteer


Youngsters can get involved with politics long before they are old enough to vote by serving as a political campaign or poll site volunteer.

Reading to Those Who Can't


Children can share their reading skills with those who are unable to do so themselves, such as individuals who lack literacy or who have a physical disability that keeps them from being able to read on their own.

Fundraising Committee Member


Kids can serve on fundraising commitees for their schools, churches, or other civic groups. They can work with adults and other children to sell products, solicit donations, arrange special event fundraisers, and more.

Car Wash Volunteer


Children can volunteer to participate in a fundraising car wash event, which can be a great way to raise money for all types of charitable groups.

Spending Time with Seniors


One of the best ways kids can volunteer is to spend time with senior citizens in their communities. Many senior centers and nursing homes have organized volunteer programs designed to pair seniors with children who want to share their time.

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Ways Kids Can Volunteer