Sports Team Fundraisers

Sports Team Fundraisers

Are you looking for ideas for sports team fundraisers? There are many different ways to raise money to support activities for all types of sports teams, for both children and adults alike. Consider trying one of these fundraising ideas the next time you need to raise money to support your team.

Spirit Cup Sales

People will be happy to help support your team if they have an opportunity to do so by purchasing spirit cups featuring officially licensed logos for their favorite professional and collegiate teams. People can purchase cups for major league football, baseball, 90 top college teams, as well as all the branches of the military. This is a typical door-to-door fundraiser, where you get forms and have people purchase the cups from you to be delivered at a later date.

Concession Sales

One of the most profitable ways for sports teams to raise money is through the sale of snacks and beverages at sporting events. Come up with unique concession items, and you're sure to add more money to your team's coffers. Consider selling drinks, baked items, candy or popcorn for easy set up and clean up.

Sponsor Signage

Local businesses are often happy to purchase sponsorships if they include signage at sports venues. This type of fundraiser allows companies to utilize their donations as a way to boost their marketing efforts.

Used Sports Gear Sale

Ask players and their families to donate sports gear that they no longer use - but that is still in good condition - for a fundraising sale. All of the money raised can help support the team, and you'll provide a way for members of the community to get sports equipment at bargain prices. You may even recruit future team members!

Website Advertising

Does your team have a website? Consider selling banner ads. Local businesses that market products or services to players and their families might find this option to be very appealing.

Merchandise Sales

Sports teams have long found hosting merchandise sales to be a great way to raise money. Consider having players sell candy bars, cookie dough, greeting cards, or magazine subscriptions.

Car Wash

Hosting a car wash can be a great way to raise money, and it can be fun too.

Bake Sale

Don't hold the same old bake sale as everyone else. Do something different. Make your sale a sports bake sale. For example, cookies and cupcakes can be decorated to resemble soccer balls and sold at a soccer game.

50/50 Raffle

For a 50/50 raffle, the prize is money. The raffle winner gets half of the money collected from the raffle, and the other half goes to the team.

Sports Clinic

Put your talent to use by holding a fee-based sports clinic during your team's off-season. Ask coaches and professional or collegiate athletes who live in your community to spend a few hours sharing their expertise with participants, and plan a day of sports-related education. Charge a nominal fee and promote the event through local community teams and schools.

Need More Ideas?

These are just a few of the many options for sports team fundraisers. For more tips and suggestions, see:

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Sports Team Fundraisers