Volunteer Time Sheets

Mary Gormandy White
Volunteer Workers

It's a good idea to ask people who donate time to your nonprofit organization to report the time that they spend working on your behalf on volunteer time sheets. This is a good way to keep up with the activities of your volunteers for the purposes of expressing appreciation and recognizing those who make outstanding contributions. This information can also be beneficial for complying with reporting requirements and for future fundraising efforts.

Printable Sample Volunteer Time Sheet

You can use the same type of time sheet document to keep track of volunteer hours that companies use for payroll purposes. Download this sample time sheet for volunteers if you don't already have a form to use. If you need help downloading the sample time sheet, check out these helpful tips.

Copy and distribute volunteer time sheets to volunteers and ask them to submit a completed form each week that they work as a way of documenting their generosity.

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Volunteer Time Sheets