Will Goodwill Pick Up My Donation?

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Donate Household Items to Charity

Will Goodwill pick up my donation? This is a question that people often ponder when cleaning out their closets or cabinets, or when preparing to deal with the items left at the end of a rummage sale.

Are Donation Pick-Ups Available?

Donation pickup is available in some areas, but not all. In order to find out if donation pick-ups are available in your area, you'll need to contact a Goodwill representative in your community. Simply call the store or donation center closest to your home, office, or other location where you'd like to have the items picked up and ask if pick-up arrangements are possible. You can use the online store locator at Goodwill.org to find the most conveniently located facility.

When you call to inquire about the possibility of having the items you'd like to donate picked up, be prepared to provide information on the types of items that you are planning to donate and an estimation of the size of the pick-up. This will allow the driver and dispatcher to make wise choices regarding the pickup schedule and route on the day arrangements are made, assuming that your request can be accommodated.

Alternate Donation Arrangements

If donation pickup service is not available, it may still be possible for you to share your unneeded household items with this important charitable organization. If the location closest to you does not offer pickup, ask the person you are speaking with if there is another store in the area that offers pickup. Also inquire about the location of donation drop off locations. The stores all accept on-site donations, but there are also a number of donation drop boxes in most towns where Goodwill has an active presence. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that dropping off the items you'd like to donate will be easier and more convenient than you would have thought possible.

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Will Goodwill Pick Up My Donation?