Charities Accepting Donations in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for charities accepting donations in Atlanta, GA? The following charities accept a wide variety of donations from household goods to clothing, cash and food. Contact and drop off information is provided where available.

Examples of Charities Accepting Donations in Atlanta, GA

Remember when planning to donate items to a charity, they should be gently used and in good condition. The items are typically used either for sale (to raise money) or provided to those in need. Many charitable donations are tax deductible, but you should always document what was donated, monetary value of the items and receive a receipt from the charity that received the donation.

  • American Kidney Services: This Atlanta based charitable organization has been working to relieve the financial burden of patients with kidney disease. The organization has been accepting donations since 1981 and collects items such as used clothing, household items and more for sale. The proceeds are then donated to the American Kidney Fund. AKS offers a variety of donation options from drop off to pick up. Donations can also be scheduled through the website or by calling 770.441.2220.
  • Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities: This organization has worked since 1956 to provide support, education and more to families living with disabilities from Down syndrome to autism to cerebral palsy and more. Donations of furniture, clothing and other household items are accepted as well as cash donations either through the website or via check. Large item donations must be scheduled via pick up. Information with regard to donations may be made via phone (404.761.6247) or online.
  • CHRIS Kids: This organization is devoted to helping children who are facing health and emotional challenges while in the Georgia Foster Care system. The organization accepts donations of musical instruments, bikes, art and school supplies, sports equipment and cash. The organization does not accept clothing, books or furniture. Most items are only accepted at drop off points. For more information, call 404.486.9024.
  • Dress for Success: The nonprofit organization focuses on empowering low-income women who want to transition into stronger career positions. Donations of interview clothing, business suits, footwear and accessories are important to helping these women achieve the desirable appearance for job searching. The organization also provides consultations on networking, career building and more. To find out more, call 404.589.1177.
  • The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy :Established in 1987, the Center for Child Advocacy is dedicated to helping meet the needs of children who have been sexually and physically abused. The Center offers prevention, intervention, therapy and collaboration. The organization will not pick up and donations should be scheduled through the website. The organization is seeking paper, art supplies, children's books, and children's clothing. Items that should be brand new include teddy bears, underwear and socks.
  • Atlanta Habitat for Humanity :Atlanta's Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1983 to help rebuild, build and restore housing in low-income areas throughout Atlanta. The organization accepts new and excellent condition building materials including appliances, area rugs, cabinets, countertops, flooring, window fans, home accessories, shutters, blinds, plumbing fixtures, faucets, painting supplies and more. The organization does not pick up.
  • PAWS No-Kill Animal Shelter: Founded in 1966, PAWS Atlanta is run solely on individual grants, donations and corporate partnerships. The shelter strives to find homes for all pets, provide support to families with pets and diligently to meet the needs of the animal companions who have been abandoned and need homes. The organization accepts financial donations and animal supplies including towels, sheets and linens.

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Charities Accepting Donations in Atlanta, GA