Nonprofit Donation Request Form

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If you are responsible for securing donations for a charity event, a donation request form is a must to help keep you organized. The attached printable donation form can be saved to your desktop or printed out then used as needed. It is designed to assist you when soliciting for items to be used at a charity auction event or other type of fundraiser. The form can be sent along with a donation request letter or used on its own.

Tips for Using a Donation Request Form

If you need help downloading the printable form, check out these helpful tips.

Simplify the Process of Requesting Donations

Whether you download and use the form provided here or if you use it as a guideline for creating one of your own, you'll likely find the document to be an invaluable tool. You can enclose the form with donation request letters that are mailed to local businesses as a way to make it easy for supporters to let you know how they want to contribute. You may also want to consider printing out a stack of forms to give to committee and board members who are helping solicit items from businesses where they have personal contacts. The form can also be used when a personal visit or phone call is used to secure a donation and to keep track of the donations coming in.

Follow Up After the Event and Preparing for the Future

Once you receive the completed forms back from each donor, you can begin organizing the donations for the event and recording each donor's contact and contribution information. You can also use the information provided on the forms to thank businesses and individuals for their donations. Since you will have contact information from each donor on the form, you can save it to use it for next year's event. Be sure to keep a list of contributors so you can personalize letters or phone calls when you need to secure donations again.

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Nonprofit Donation Request Form