Gallery of Different Fundraising Ideas

Looking for Different Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for different fundraising ideas? While tried and true fundraising programs have their place, it's certainly a good idea to think "outside the box" when trying to come up with new ways to raise money. Here are a few new ideas that you might want to try!

Consignment Sale Fundraiser

Instead of asking supporters to donate items for a yard sale, consider planning a fundraiser that is a win-win solution for your organization and supporters. Choose a particular type of item - such as home decor or athletic equipment - and hold a consignment sale. Split the proceeds from the sale of each item with the original owner, resulting in cash benefit for everyone involved. You may even want to charge a small admission fee for shoppers to attend the sale as a way to raise additional funds.

Charity Dining Day Event

Contact restaurants in your local area to see if they'd be willing to participate in a charity dining day fundraiser. Pick a specific date for participating restaurants to devote a percentage of sales to your charitable cause, being careful to select a day of the week that is typically slow for restaurants. Promote the fundraiser to your supporters and throughout the community. The restaurants will benefit from the increased traffic that results from your promotional efforts and your organization will benefit from the dollars raised.

Charity Preview Sale

Is there a store in your area that holds big sales periodically? Maybe the manager would be willing to open a few hours early on the day of one of their major sales events for a charity preview sale. Your organization would sell admission tickets to the event. Ticket buyers get early access to sale items, the store benefits from an increase in customers and your organization keeps the ticket sale proceeds.

Group Ticket Sales

Contact local entertainment venues in your area to find out what types of discounts are available for group ticket sales. There may significant difference in the per-person admission cost when purchasing admission tickets in bulk. As long as the venue is okay with you marking up the price, consider purchasing a chunk of admission tickets and selling them to supporters at a rate that is slightly lower than they could purchase from the venue. The difference between what you paid and what you charge is profit for your organization!

Hold a Cook-Off

Cook-offs can be excellent signature fundraising events. Look for a type of food that is popular in your area that people are enthusiastic about. It should be something that can easily be prepared in bulk and served in small portions in a fun setting. Options to consider include barbecue, chicken wings, chili, chocolate, cupcakes, gumbo, Irish stew and more.

Raise Funds with Website Advertising

Since your organization probably has a website, why not leverage your online real estate as a way to make money. Consider adding appropriate affiliate program and pay-per click banners and link ads to your website, or even sell advertising space on the site.

More Fundraising Ideas

If you're still not sure what type of fundraiser you should pursue next, here are a few more different fundraising ideas:

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Gallery of Different Fundraising Ideas