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Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Cheryl Cirelli

Fun and Creative Fundraising Ideas for Kids

There are endless fundraising ideas for kids to get involved in that are both fun and profitable. Fundraising can be enjoyable for people of all ages. Consider getting children involved so they know the benefits of raising money at an early age and grow into adults who are willing to support worthy causes.

If you are looking for a unique way to raise money for your cause while allowing kids to participate, consider one of the following ideas.

Art Contest

Holding an art contest is a great way to raise money for a school. After all, who doesn't treasure their kids' artwork? Have students create pieces in class that can be put on display and, for a small donation, be voted on. After the contest is over, hold a sale of the artwork to raise even more money.


You can raise money while enriching children's minds by holding a Read-a-Thon. Ask students to solicit pledges from their parents for a set amount of books they are planning to read. A list of books could be provided by the school or students could choose their own. Once the reading is completed, money will be collected and turned into the school. There can also be prizes awarded to the students who read the most books.

Carnival Fun

Carnivals attract large numbers of people and can be held on the grounds of a school. Entertainment, concessions as well as games make for a fun-filled day with plenty of profit potential. Sell tickets for admission and charge for games and refreshments to raise money. Incorporate ideas such as face painting, contests and a raffle to raise even more profits.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a classic fundraiser with unlimited possibilities. They can be held at the school or at a sporting event. Have volunteers donate baked goods and sell them for profit. Children can assist at the sale. In addition to baked goods, consider also selling refreshments such as lemonade. For a new twist, consider holding a contest and award prizes for various age levels. After the contest, sell the baked good to raise profits for your cause.

Collect Change

A coin drive is a simple way for kids to raise money. Have canisters set up around town to collect money for a cause or simply collect loose change from home. Kids can design the canisters and keep track of how much money is being collected within a designated timeframe.

Talent Show

Talent shows are fun as well as profitable. Having children perform in talent show and charging a fee for admission is among one of the most popular fundraising ideas for kids. Due to the American Idol craze, kids everywhere want a chance at stardom.

There are many different types of fundraisers for children to consider participating in. Some may require more work than others but all will teach a valuable lesson that can be carried on through the child's life.

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Fundraising Ideas for Kids