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sample donatoin flyer

When you work for a charity, it's important to cut costs whenever possible. That way, money can go to the person or cause who needs it most. Download and use these free printables at your organization.

Donation Letters

A letter is a good way to request donations from multiple people or businesses at once. Use one of these templates to get started. If you need help downloading any of the printables, check out these tips.

Church Donations

Churches often need funds to run their missions and charities. The following letters are geared towards religious organizations:


Hosting an auction is a great way to raise funds for your charitable cause. These forms will help you raise donations and acquire items to auction off.

Special Events

Planning an event or gala not only raises funds for your organization, it is also a great time to recognize those who have helped your endeavors.


A sponsor is someone who provides significant support for your cause or event. Use these forms to keep your sponsorship information organized.

Fundraising Letters

Raising money for your cause is a big part of any charitable organization. Use these letters to help you procure funds:

Sample Fundraising Flyers

Colorful flyers catch everyone's eye and add excitement to your upcoming event.

Volunteer Letters

No charity would be successful without the help of people who volunteer their time. These pages will help you keep track of time and donations:

Thank You Letters

The people and companies who donate to your charity are the ones who keep things running. Say thank you with these letters:

Donation Receipts

Charitable donations are often tax deductible, so be sure you have a receipt to give to donors when they drop off donations.

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Charity Printables Index