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Sell Bracelets for Heart Disease Awareness

Girl with heart disease awareness bracelet

When you sell bracelets for heart disease awareness, you get the word out about this serious illness that many people do not think enough about. Not only does it remind the person who buys the bracelet, but when used, it also reminds other people who happen to notice its bright red color around her wrist.

Tips on Where to Sell Bracelets for Heart Disease Awareness

The more bracelets you sell, the better able you will be to achieve a high level of heart disease awareness. Follow these tips to increase visibility and maximize sales!

Start with Friends and Family

If you've just started to sell bracelets for heart disease awareness, start with your friends and family. Suggest they buy a few extra ones, since they are so inexpensive, to pass out to their friends.

Offer Bracelets to Employees and Co-Workers

Start by announcing that you are selling heart disease awareness bracelets and see how many people respond. The next step is to approach people and simply ask if they are interested. Finally, fill a glass jar with some of the bracelets and keep it in a visible place such as your desk or ask your supervisor if you can place it on a front desk if you work in a place of business so that customers may buy them. Decorate the jar with signs that explain what the bracelets are for are and how much they cost.

Sell at Doctor's Offices

If you have a medical appointment, bring in a small jar with the bracelets in it and a sign on the outside with the price. Ask the receptionist if you can place it on the counter and see if she will collect the money for you. Visit the office once a week or month to collect the money and refill the jar.

Support at Places of Business

Many businesses are happy to support good causes. Visit some of your favorite places to ask if you can leave a jar with them and just like the doctor's office, ask if they can collect the money for you.

Auction on eBay

Place an auction for them. This works best if you have a bulk of them that other people can buy to sell themselves. You can also offer specials, such as, get ten free when you buy 50.

Inform and Sell on a Blog

Start a blog on Blogger or Wordpress and write about heart disease. Place a widget on it so people can buy them on your site and then advertise it so you gain traffic.

Start a Heart Disease Awareness Bracelet Website

If you aren't interested in writing about heart disease regularly on a blog, you can set up a website with information and a place to buy your bracelets. Then you can advertise your site on the Internet as well as offline.

Saving Hearts with Every Offer to Sell

While you may become discouraged when someone declines to purchase a bracelet, keep in mind that even though the person didn't buy one, it doesn't mean that he or she isn't affected by your message. Simply showing people one of the bracelets and explaining its significance can provoke people to think about their own heart health. While the message may end with that person, it stays alive within him or her. The person may remember a family member or friend who has died of a heart attack and decide not to eat unhealthy that day or spend some extra time exercising. Selling heart disease awareness bracelets isn't only about how many you sell, it's about spreading the word about saving hearts.

Sell Bracelets for Heart Disease Awareness