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Volleyball Fundraisers

Cheryl Cirelli
Volleyball team

Are you looking for money-making ideas to use for volleyball fundraisers? If your team is motivated and organized, raising money can be easy and rewarding.

Reasons to Fundraise

Sports teams need to generate money for a specific purpose. There are many reasons why a volleyball team may need to fundraise. Some reasons include:

  • Purchase new volleyball uniforms
  • Upgrade existing equipment such as nets or volleyballs
  • Cover tournament expenses
  • Send the team to a volleyball camp or clinic

Volleyball teams may also want to raise money for a cause such as breast cancer research or a cause that they hold dear.

Creative Volleyball Fundraisers

There are many fundraising possibilities to consider for your volleyball team. Some require little work while others may require a great deal of planning and effort.

Product Sale

One of the simplest types of fundraisers is a product sale. Selling a product for profit requires little work other than taking orders or setting up a booth to sell an item. Items that can be sold include:

  • Merchandise with your team's logo
  • Concessions at a volleyball match
  • Baked goods
  • Flowers

Volleyball Tournament

Hosting a charity volleyball match is another fundraising idea to consider. This type of fundraiser may require more work and planning but the rewards can be well worth the effort. If you are holding the match to raise money for a cause, use a catchy name to attract donors as well as raise awareness. For example, a match to raise money for breast cancer awareness could be called Volley for the Cure or Think Pink. There are several ways to raise money at this type of event. For example, sponsorships can be sold and admission can be charged at the door, though you may want to admit those who are breast cancer survivors at no charge.

Other ways to raise money at the match include:

  • Selling pink tee shirts that support breast cancer awareness. Players can wear pink tees instead of their usual game jerseys as well.
  • Holding a raffle for prizes such as gift cards, tickets to a sporting event and more. Be sure to ask local businesses for raffle donations so that you do not incur any additional expenses.
  • Setting up a concession stand and sell refreshments and snacks.
  • Players can also solicit donations based on how many digs they are expected to make during the match or give a specific amount to support the team.

Variations on a volleyball tournament fundraiser are:

  • Hosting an alumni versus current players match
  • Including a range of teams from the area to play in the tournament
  • Setting up teams such as teachers, students, parents, etc.
  • Hold a contest such as who can make the most serves, etc.

Car Wash

A car wash is another way to raise money while having the team work closely together. Be sure to publicize the car wash as much as possible in order to attract the most customers and raise the most money. All you need for the car wash is a large parking lot, water supply, buckets, sponges and soap. Players can make signs to hold that advertise the car wash. You can either set a fair price or simply ask customers for a donation.

Fundraising Tips

There are many tips to keep in mind when planning to raise money for your volleyball team. For example, if you are selling a product, wear a volleyball team jersey so you are easy to identify as part of the team. Never go alone. Bring another teammate with you when going door to door to ensure your safety.

Raising money does not have to be a chore. Have fun and enjoy it. The more positive you are, the more likely you will be to receive a donation. If your team needs to raise a large amount of money, consider holding several volleyball fundraisers throughout the year.

Volleyball Fundraisers