Holiday Charity Programs and Ideas

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Holiday charity program are an important part of the fundraising goals of many non-profit organizations. From churches and religious groups to community organizations, these holiday programs can have a significant and positive impact. LoveToKnow Charity is here to help you create your own holiday fundraiser, coordinate your efforts with others in your community, and get started with giving to others during the holidays.

Learn About Holiday Charities That Offer Assistance

Christmas charities allow people to share their good fortune with others who may need some additional holiday cheer. Enjoy the following useful resources:

Get Specific Holiday Charity Fundraising Ideas

The holidays are a great time to run a fundraiser, since people are often excited to share their good fortune with others at this time of the year. If you're setting up a holiday fundraiser, these helpful ideas can offer inspiration and practical assistance:

Try Some Thanksgiving Fundraiser Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great time to set up a fundraiser. From selling pies to asking for special holiday donations, try one of these helpful ideas:

Make a Difference During the Holidays

No matter what holiday charity you're supporting, LoveToKnow is here with helpful printables and templates, creative ideas for fundraisers, and best bets for making a difference during these important events. Holiday fundraisers are an important part of the financial health of many non-profits, so take some time to look through the options and get involved.

Holiday Charity Programs and Ideas