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Samaritan's Purse

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Samaritan's Purse is a nonprofit organization providing aid to the world's sick, suffering and poor. The organization offers emergency relief programs for those who are victims of natural disasters, famine, disease or war by providing food, shelters and clean water.

About Samaritan's Purse

Bob Pierce founded the organization in 1970 after a trip to Kojedo a small and poor Korean Island. During his work with the Christian organization Youth For Christ, he traveled throughout Asia including to Chinese. This is where he found a group of women living with a orphans and lepers. The experiences help him to found the Samaritan's Purse organization. Though Pierce is the one who found the organization, Franklin Graham would later become president of the organization after Pierce's death in 1978.

Today, the organization works as a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization. It provides a variety of services to those in need while educating those stricken about Jesus and the Church. This is done through various divisions of the organization.

Relief and Development

One of the most important areas of work the organization does is with emergency relief. The organization responds whenever there is an outbreak of disease or when disaster occurs. The organization determines what the needs are of those facing these catastrophes and delivers the resources necessary. In some cases, the organization works through local partners rather than visiting the location directly. By responding to hurricanes, famine, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks, Samaritan's Purse helps to stop the suffering there.

Children's Programs

Another sector of the organization is the Children's Programs, which focuses on showing compassion for children's specific needs. This includes ensuring children have food and clothing. The organization also helps to ensure needy children have access to medical care and to education. These programs occur throughout the world, though most are in third world countries.

Community Development

In order to provide lasting aid to those in need, Samaritan's Purse helps to improve villages and small communities. The goal of this portion of the organization is to help provide resources and education to help these groups become more self-supporting in their overall needs. This often includes helping them to develop supplies of healthy food and to develop a means of earning an income. Farm projects often take place as well. In some areas, the development and implementation of schools is also necessary.

Supporting the Organization

For those who wish to volunteer or otherwise help support this organization, there are numerous ways to do so. Since this organization works worldwide, volunteering in any of its projects can be life changing for both those who volunteer and those who accept the help.

  • Donate at the organization's website. It has resources for purchasing goods at a much lower rate so monetary donations are often the best option.
  • Purchase from the gift catalog to show your support.
  • Participate in planned giving to provide long term financial aid.
  • Volunteer with the organization. Options include volunteering in the United State's disaster relief projects or through worldwide programs.
  • Volunteer for a construction project if you are a business.
  • Consider supporting a physician or volunteering if you are a physician.
  • Participate in the organization's HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.
  • Become part of the team that works to support the organization's needs by recruiting donations.

For those who are interested in helping an organization in a specific way, you can often do so by contacting the organization directly. The program's scope of needs is large but donations of any type are often accepted.

Those who wish to learn more about the specific projects Samaritan's Purse is working on can visit the organization's website. There, you can learn more about each of the programs the organization is sponsoring including the Children's Heart Project, World Medical Mission and the Haiti Rebuilding Program.

The organization's blog, Samaritan's Purse Today provides information and photos of the things taking place throughout the world. Learn about stories of success and heartbreak delivered by those serving on the scenes of this organization's many ongoing and emergency programs.

Samaritan's Purse