Families Walk for a Cure for Breast Cancer

Walk for Life

Are you looking for a way to contribute to the fight against breast cancer? Join with the other members of your family and commit to participating in a walk for a cure event to raise money to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society. The organization has spent decades researching every aspect of cancer from causes to treatment to cures. Organized walk events boost participation and awareness across the nation.

Walks for Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer survivors, their friends and family make up a large number of the participants in breast cancer walks. The color pink became synonymous with breast cancer research and funding efforts. Walks are organized in communities all over the world. Participants set up pledge sites and blogs as they prepare for the walk. Sponsors choose to donate a dollar or more for every mile walked or run during the walk event. Families who participate together make the walk an event to raise money for research and awareness of breast cancer.

For most families, the walk is about more than just raising money for research. The walk is to honor a loved one lost to the disease, to celebrate another who survived and to support those who continue to fight against it. Breast cancer steals the lives of mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends. Friendships are often made between the participants as they share the walk and the experience of fighting against breast cancer for all the women in their lives.

Walk for a Cure Opportunities

Multiple organizations offer annual and bi-annual walks for cancer. Participants return year after year, bringing friends, family members and co-workers with them. Walkers are easy to identify as most fundraisers wear pink shirts in honor of the search for a cure.

These organizations all provide support for individuals, organizations and families who want to participate in walk for a cure for breast cancer events. For example, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day provides a handbook, personal fundraising page and library of ideas, business cards, tracking tools, Facebook fundraising application and a clinic to help a family's personal fund raising efforts.

You Can Make a Difference

The research, education and treatment breakthroughs receive funds from donations by individuals, organizations and fundraisers like the Walk for Life, Susan G. Komen 3-day and more. According to American Cancer society operating costs account for only five percent of the budget while the other ninety-five percent goes directly to research.

Supporting the American Cancer Society

For decades, the American Cancer Society has devoted tremendous resources into research, education and medical treatment for all forms of cancer. It is the nation's largest privately funded and funder of cancer research. The society's research program began in 1946 and contributed to major breakthroughs in breast cancer research like:

  • Lumpectomy and radiation for treatment of breast cancer
  • Breast cancer screenings via mammography
  • Discovery that using tamoxifen to reduce risk of breast cancer
  • Antibody development to treat breast cancer and lymphoma
  • Cancer risk increased by genetics, lack of exercise, diet and alcohol abuse
  • Discovery of cancer causing and tumor suppressing genes
  • Discovery of genes for inherited breast and colon cancer
Families Walk for a Cure for Breast Cancer